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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Raegan and RJ in Space - Richard M. Collins

Theme song at www.raeganandrjinspace.com.  Reading in the form of a graphic novel and written for ages 9-12, this is the story of a group of Christians that are sent to colonize the galaxy.  Leaving their home in New Hope, Tennessee their mission is to set up a new colony called New Hope on a planet called New Bethlehem. Some readers may be surprised to see a female as President of the United States.  One 10 year old that read this asked me if this was part of a series,  because it seems there were some assumptions made of the reader.  The author did a good job of mapping out the history of the crew and descriptive terms and crew assignments.
All in all, this is a great science fiction graphic novel for the young reader interested in Christian fiction. Great illustrations and content make for an exciting story. And at 48 pages long it is just long enough to engage the reader and keep their interest. Update - There are other books available in this series that continue the story.  This book was a Reader's Favorite Book Award Winner.

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