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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Grace of God - Andy Stanley

It all started with God's Grace. That is the premise of this book by author Andy Stanley. The common thread throughout the story of redemption is grace.  Each chapter is a look into a person from the Bible who experienced God's grace at a crossroads in their life. We all can learn from these people and learn about God's grace from their experiences. He starts at the beginning with Adam and Eve and continues on to Joshua, Jonah, David, and others who have experienced God's grace. Perhaps the one sentence that sums it all up is the title of chapter 12 - Grace is not ours to earn: it is God's to give. I have enjoyed the author's other books especially the Principle of the Path, and this one is also very readable.
Sometimes we forget that grace is undeserving favor, and it's a gift from God that is beyond priceless.  I would recommend this book as a needed reminder of this gift that has been given to us.
I would also recommend this book to anyone who thinks Christianity is a list of dos and dont's without taking into account the unconditional love of God.
The author is founder of North Point Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia. This book is published by Thomas Nelson.