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Thursday, January 31, 2013

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The Conviction to Lead - Albert Mohler

25 Principles for leadership that matters.  "Let me warn you right up front, my goal is to change the way you think about leadership." says the author in the first sentence.  Whether he does or not is up to the reader and how much the principles are applied to the situation. The main theme of this book is that the Christian leader is in a unique position to serve God and others.
 Begins with his background in politics, and his first days of the youngest president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. and the struggles he endured.  Mr. Mohler has appeared on the Today Show,  Good Morning America, and Larry King Live and has been been recommended by Franklin Graham,  Jim Daly , and John McArthur.
In 25 Chapters,  one for each of the principles that are required of to be an effective leader.  "The leadership that really matters is about conviction." This is not just another Christian Leadership book.  One of the most important chapters is #16 titled Leadership as Stewardship. In that chapter, he mentions the concept of servant leadership, a concept much lacking in today's society, and being stewards of human lives, time, and opportunity.
I would recommend this book to any person in any type of leadership position whether it be of a company, household, or just yourself.  Many leadership books ignore the concept of a Christian perspective. but this one puts it front and center and explains how it effects everything else.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

John Locke - Mary-Elaine Swanson

Philosopher of American Liberty.  Christian contributions of English philosopher John Locke and his influence on American government.  and the Declaration of Independence.  This book sets the record straight in truth that Locke was a Christian in his profession, and Biblical in his worldview.  The subtitle of this book is "Why our founders fought for Life, Liberty, and Property."
Locke has been praised by Thomas Jefferson,  John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and James Monroe, among others.  All who admit his influence on their thinking and writing on what became the foundation of the United States.  Locke believed that the Law of Nature was the Law of God,  and as such, Natural Law made no sense without God.  Locke was educated at Christ Church, Oxford,  where Oliver Cromwell was chancellor at the time.  Among other writings,  Locke wrote "Some thoughts on education."in 1690 which is still in print today, and relevant.  The detail in this book is quite interesting and readers will find it very relevant to what is happening in government today, and how far distant we have strayed from what the founding fathers intended. Readers will find especially interesting the section on the current administration and critique of such.
There is not only a Bibliography in the back, but an extensive general index of concepts and cross references in this very well researched book.
I would recommend this book to any lover of history and anyone who would like to know who influenced our founding fathers in their thinking.  Many will not be aware of Locke's influence on our country, but this book should clear things up.

Fully Alive - Ken Davis

Many may remember Ken Davis from the Bananas Christian Comedy DVDs and he has branched out into speaking and now is president of Dynamic Communications International and has a daily radio show titled "Lighten Up!" He is a great story-teller and uses his humor to get his point across.  He states"
 Ï hope that sharing this story will help you recognize the staked God has driven in your life that can lead you to be Fully Alive." The book begins with a frightening story of how his granddaughter was lost in the woods for several hours as told from his perspective.
His transformation started with physical changes when he saw a picture of himself with his grandson,  and led to the other areas of his life as well.  A lot of other issues are covered in this book, such as spiritual and social..  There is a great analogy of looking through binoculars backwards.  Everything looks faraway and impossible.  We need to replace distant negative thinking with aggressive close up strategy.  There are quotes from the book "Younger Next Year" by Crowley and Lodge,  which had a profound influence on his thinking.  This is not an exercise or diet book,  but Ken does spend several chapters on the physical aspect and taking care of your body.  Live comedy available from kendavis.com\fullyalive.
Some great quotes "What makes you feel complete, satisfied, and convinced that you are doing what God put you here to do?" and "We were created to find the greatest joy and fulfillment by serving God and others with whatever gift God has given us."
In a chapter titled Finding your Sweet Spot,  related his own personal history of how he came to realize his gifts.  In a section titled Get rid Of Guilt,  "Hanging on to guilt is like staying in jail after you have been pardoned."
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to live fully alive,  and needs to be loosed of the chains of guilt, fear, and self image.