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Sunday, March 30, 2014

"When someone tries to twist your words. . .

When someone tries to twist  your words, change your meanings, or restate your intentions, it can be very confusing to you if you know your hands are clean. 

Why would someone want to slander you? Who knows? He may envy you because of your accomplishments; he may be frustrated over his own failures; or he may simply be an unhappy person who is consumed by Schadenfreude. But whatever his reasons, the moment you begin analyzing your critic’s problem, you’ve already taken a step in the wrong direction. 

It’s best just to recognize that it’s your detractor’s problem, not yours. Then simply ignore his remarks and move on with your life." - Robert Ringer

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Doing the Right Thing - Scott Rae

 Based on the popular film series by Chuck Colson Making moral choices in a world full of options.
Author is Dean of Faculty and professor of Christian ethics at Biola University.
This book is part of the Colson Center Christian worldview series. You may wonder why another book on ethics is needed? Didn't we sort all that out a long time ago?
The discussions of such subjects as objective and subjective morality and natural law will be of particular interest. Such questions as" If morality is objective and not a human creation,that it is something discovered,then where did it come from? "This is where a Christian worldview can provide a coherent account of where objective morality comes from. This book gives particular focus to the subjects of business, medicine, and public life.
One of the most important statements and the theme of the book can be summed up on page 55 where the author states
 'Ethics is primarily the
task of discerning, or discovering, right and wrong both from God's Word and
Gods world.' This is accomplished through natural law and special revelation.
I enjoyed this book because the subject matter of moral choices was always interesting,to me. And even more interesting,coming from Chuck Colson,who obviously made some bad choices, but then turned his life around. I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in ethics particularly from a Christian worldview.