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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grace - Max Lucado

More than we deserve, Greater than we imagine.  Recommendations from authors such as Randy Alcorn, Cal Thomas, Stephen Arterburn and John Ortberg I had high expectations for this book.
I was not disappointed.  God's grace is such a huge part of the Bible, but is often misunderstood and downplayed by Christians.
In this Scripture based book, Max goes into great detail concerning the grace of God.  Most of us don't understand God's grace.  We will never exhaust His supply of grace, and He will never run out.
In the chapter titled "Heaven: Guaranteed" which opens up "Trust God's hold on you, more than your hold on God." he tackles the issue of external security.  He uses the analogy of someone holding a boarding pass for a flight in contrast with someone who is on stand-by.
In a particularly honest chapter titled "Coming clean with God" he reveals his struggle with alcoholism, his need for confession and restoration.  Using this example he reminds us all of our need for confession and acceptance.
Max Lucado has written so many books over the years, and keeps coming out with better ones all the time.  Often when an author is this popular, the subjects get watered down.  Not the case this time, "Grace" is another great book.
I have received this book at no cost from the publisher.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fresh Air - Chris Hodges

Trading stale spiritual obligation for a life-altering, energizing, experience-it-everyday relationship with God.  Are you stuck in your spiritual life? Are you going through the motions of prayer, Bible reading and church attendance out of obligation or merely habit? Then you need some fresh air and this book is for you.  Author Chris Hodges will show you how to breathe again.  He describes fresh air as something that "doesn't come from formulas, systems, or structures.  It comes when something happens on the inside of us, when our love for God is so vibrant, that it spills over into the way we see everything."  And isn't that what we really want after all?
Interesting is the section in which he describes "the doldrums" as an actual place that along the equator were the weather is dull and lifeless, and ships are stuck in a dead zone.
The book is divided into three parts, Searching for a breath of fresh air, Bringing fresh air into your life, and Finding the Source of breath.  There is a summary titled Breathing Lessons at the end of each chapter.  A Discussion Guide can be found at www.bpplclubhub.com.
The author is Senior Pastor of the Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama and has co-founded the Association of Related Churches (www.weplantlife.com) who's purpose is launching and growing life-giving churches.
Summary quote - "Some Christians have gone through the routine for so long that their faith has become stale and flat, bland and impotent."
This book is for those that want to change that.
I have received this book at no charge from the publisher.