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Suggested Books

If you are like me, then you are always on the search for a good book. The following are my personal recommendations for quality Christian books, some of which I have reviewed on this blog. Check back soon, as new titles are always being added. Enjoy.

Suggested books for parents 

Parenting by the Book - John Rosemond
Boundries With Kids - Cloud/Townsend
Bold Parents, Positive Teens - Karen Dockery
Bringing Up Boys - James Dobson
Bringing Up Girls - James Dobson
Positive Kids in a Negative World - Zig Ziglar
Well Adjusted Child - Social Benefits of Homeschooling - Rachael Gathercole
Effective Parenting in a Defective World - Zig Ziglar
Family Building - John Rosemond
Faith Begins at Home - Mark Holeman
Shaping the Next Generation - Atchison
Pray Big for Your Child - Will Davis, Jr.
Raising a Modern Day Knight - Robert Lewis
Teen Proof - John Rosemond
Parenting At It's Best - Fred Hartley
Coloring Outside the Lines - Roger Schank
The Most Important Place on Earth - Robert Wolgemuth
Good Families Don't Just Happen - Garcia Prats
King Me - Steve Ferrar
The Father Book - Minirth

Books For Men
Wild at Heart - John Eldredge
The Way of the Wild Heart - John Eldredge
Every Man's Marriage - Arterburn
Uncommon - Tony Dungy
Midlife Manual For Men - Arterburn
Seven Secrets For Effective Fathers - Canfield
Halftime - Bob Buford
Beyond Halftime - Bob Buford
Tender Warrior - Stu Weber
Point Man - Fehrer
Promises to Keep - Nick Harrison
Hazards of Being a Man - Miller
The Measure of a Man - Gene Getz
Tender Warrior - Stu Weber
All Pro Dad - Mark Merrill
Man Alive - Patrick Morley

General Reading
Everybody's Normal Till You Get To Know Them - John Ortberg
If You Want To Walk On Water - John Ortberg
Outlive your Life - Max Lucado
Embrace The Struggle - Zig Ziglar
The Goodness of God - Randy Alcorn
Parables - John MacArthur
Big God - Britt Merrick
The Discipline of Grace - Jerry Bridges
The Gospel For Real Life - Jerry Bridges

A Resilient Life - Gordon MacDonald
Running on Empty - Anderson
Responsible Living in An Age of Excuses - Kurt Bruner
It's Easier ot Succeed Than Fail - Truet Kathy
Eat more Chickn - Truet Kathy
Finding Contentment - Neil Clark Warren
High Definition Life - Palau
Jolt - Phil Cooke
We Shall See God - Randy Alcorn
Heaven - Randy Alcorn
The Goodness of God - Randy Alcorn
Nearing Home - Billy Graham
Uncommon Challenge - Tony Dungy
I Am Second - Doug Bender
More Lost Than Found - Jared Herd
We Shall See God - Randy Alcorn
The Innerant Word - Edited by John MacArhtur
Why God Won't Go Away - Allister McGrath
The Call To Wonder - R.C.Sproul Jr.
The Insider - Jim Peterson & Mike Shamy
The Little Red Book of Wisdom - Mark DeMoss
Quiet - Susan Cain
The Power of Introverts - 
Gods at War - Kyle Idelman
Anxious For Nothing - John MacArthur
A Lasting Legacy - Doug Hagedorn
Gifted Hands - Dr. Ben Carson
Money Possessions and Eternity - Randy Alcorn
None Other - John MacArthur
The Parables - John MacArthur
Faith Alone - RC Sproul

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