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""I pay attention to my internal compass.  I think it has always been there, guiding me, but as I've matured, I've listened to it better and more often. It helps me to stay "lashed to the mast" as Homer wrote of Odysseus doing to keep from being drawn into destruction by the Sirens. That Greek myth resonates because we can relate to that feeling. Even when we know we are heading toward something that could lead to our destruction, it can still seem awfully appealing." - Tony Dungy from Uncommon

Something Tim Tebow said after his team’s loss to the Patriots on Saturday night: "What I pray before games, during games, after games, is regardless whether I win, whether I lose, whether I'm the hero or the goat, that it doesn't matter, that I still honor the Lord because He's deserving of it, and just like my effort shouldn't change, neither should that. So that's how I try to approach it, and sometimes even in a loss you can honor Him more. For me, I pray that my character and who I am doesn't change even though you can be dejected, you can still feel hurt, you can be disappointed, but you can still honor the Lord with how you handle things." Thanks, Timmy. I appreciate you as much when you lose as when you win. - Randy Alcorn

God has his people everywhere. Many vocations are more important than football. But regardless of what it is, when God gives His people a platform to stand on, and a voice that can be heard, He expects them to represent Him faithfully. When they achieve something He calls upon them to give Him glory. You may not have as many people watching you as pro athletes, but innumerable angels, saints and the Lord himself are watching. And that raises the question: what are you doing to honor Him, and to give Him credit for your successes, in your own unique sphere of influence? - Randy Alcorn