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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Founder's Key - Larry P. Arnn

The Divine and Natural Connection between the Declaration and the Constitution and what we risk by losing it.  This book is written by the president of Hillsdale College( www.hillsdale.edu) and written from what most would call a Conservative standpoint. Knowing this fact alone, some will avoid this book.
  One of the main points of this volume is that the Declaration and Constitution are so closely aligned, it would be dangerous for our country to divide them, as some in our current government are trying to do. These two documents are different, yet closely aligned, and dependent on each other.  This book is divided into two parts, Part One is titled "The Argument", with chapter titles such as Eternal, Yet New, Divide and Conquer, and Hypocrisy, and Part 2 that takes up about half of the book, Foundational Readings, including The Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers, The Constitution, Extensive research notes, and Further Reading.
I would recommend this book to any history buff or anyone else that wants to learn more about the foundations of our country and what we risk if we lose these foundations.  This could also be used as a textbook on the foundation of our country, but sometimes the truth is not as popular as legend.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Uncommon - Tony Dungy

""I pay attention to my internal compass.  I think it has always been there, guiding me, but as I've matured, I've listened to it better and more often. It helps me to stay "lashed to the mast" as Homer wrote of Odysseus doing to keep from being drawn into destruction by the Sirens. That Greek myth resonates because we can relate to that feeling. Even when we know we are heading toward something that could lead to our destruction, it can still seem awfully appealing." - Tony Dungy from Uncommon