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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Dude's Guide to Manhood - Darrin Patrick

Finding True Manliness in a world of counterfeits.  Forewards by Willie Robertson, Executive Director of Duck Dynasty, and Steven Jackson, Pro-Bowl running back.  Author serves as chaplain of the St. Louis Cardinals and Pastor of The Journey Church in St. Louis.  His other two books are Church Planter and For The City.  The back cover states recommendations from none other than Rick Warren and John Piper.
Introduction sets the tone for the rest of the book that is titled Men without Maps.  "Didn't we used to understand manhood? Wasn't there a time when it was clear and straightforward?"  We long for that time again, and we can make it happen.  Our culture needs examples of authentic Godly men with integrity, honesty, and strength.
With 12 Chapter titles such as Become a determined man,  a disciplined man, a working man, a content man, a devoted man, a family man, and a connected man.  Darrin covers just about every aspect and angle of what being a Godly man is all about.  This is a very honest book in which the author shares a bit of himself and his past on being a Godly husband and father.
The world is full of counterfeit examples of what a real man should be, from the bumbling idiotic sitcom dad, to the brash chauvinist.  This exemplifies, point by point, what an authentic man should be, and on the cover has a big beard and mustache. How more manly can it get?  www.darrinpatrick.org, thejourney.org. Also on facebook and twitter.  This book is published by Thomas Nelson.