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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Abraham - Charles R. Swindoll

One nomad's amazing journey of faith.  I have been reading Chuck Swindoll books for a long time and many of you have listened to his radio program Insight For Living. " I have always found his writing to be clear and down to earth and easily understood.
 This is the story of Abraham, "pimples, warts, and everything." The author wants to point out that he was not perfect, but God still blessed him and fulfilled His covenant with him.
All of the Reformed readers will be glad the author included this,
 "Because we are born with sinful, selfish natures, we cannot look within ourselves to discern the difference between right and wrong."
Many of the incidents in Abraham's life will be well known to many readers, but Mr.Swindoll uses his writing skills to make them fresh and relevant to today.  Abraham was not just a character in the Old Testament, but a flawed, sinful human, not unlike you or me in many ways.  We may look back and say we wouldn't do or say some of these things, however we all have the possibility within us to do so.
Some of the chapter titles are, When the faithful fail, Running ahead of God, Disobedience Deja Vu, and Forgiven sin, lingering consequences.  He is quick to point out that "The Bible doesn't try to paint its heroes as anything but real people with real flaws." and that I think is one of the goals of this book.  To let all of us know that we can relate to the heroes in the Bible.  People that didn't always make the best choices, but were forgiven and used by God regardless of their choices.  Abraham's life is an amazing one of forgiveness and being used by God.
There is an Appendix with a guide to begin a relationship with God.
I would recommend this book, along with any of Chuck Swindoll's books without hesitation.
Published by Tyndale publishing. www.tyndale.com.
I have been provided a complimentary  review copy of this book in exchange for this review.