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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big God - Britt Merrick

Subtitle - What happens when we trust Him. This book is the author's thoughts on Hebrews 11, The hall of faith, with a chapter each on Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Moses and Rahab. Also a chapter on Abraham with Issac is included. The first chapter describes how the author and his wife got through their 5 year old's cancer treatment. He asks, "When crisis hits, where do your heart and mind turn?" As Christians, we need to turn to God and His word. Britt encourages believers to memorize and study God's word.
The author's family is famous in the surfboard community and he has spent several years working in the family business before getting into the ministry full time, and offers a unique perspective to life.
I enjoyed how the author brought to life the Old Testament individuals and related their stories to his own personal life. We have heard about most of these people many times. but there is always something new to learn each time we study them. The Bible is still relevant today. and it is good to read a book that encourages study and trust in a God that is indeed a Big God. This book will be on my recommended books list for 2011.
I was provided a review copy of this book at no charge.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Living with less so your family has more - Jill and Mark Savage

Subtitle - Redefining your priorities to put your family first. This book is written by a husband and wife team who have decided that they don't have to listen to a society that says more is better and they have helped many others discover the joys of contentment. This book is a testimony that it can work and is filled with stories of how they and others are doing it. Jill is founder of hearts at home, www.hearts-at-home.org, and Mark is a pastor and speaker, www.dadyoucandoit.blogspot.com. The book is divided into three sections, vision, attitude, and action,with a prayer and questions at the end of each chapter.
I always enjoy a book that gives practical ways to swim against the stream of the world and be content, save money and prioritize your life. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on sacrifice, and the difference between constructive and destructive sacrifices. We need more books like this to encourage us to be content and practical ideas that can be used in any family. I would recommend this book to any family that wants to live with less so your family has more, more of what we REALLY  want and not just more things.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chasing Elephants - Brent Crowe

Subtitle - Wrestling with the gray areas of life. In this book, the author attempts to tackle the gray areas through a Biblical worldview and perspective. The author is speaker and Vice President of Student Leadership University. Topics such as social drinking, social networking, the internet, and entertainment are each given chapters and a thorough explanation from a Biblical perspective.
A lot of Christians have strong views on both sides of each issue, and Mr. Crowe seems to accept that he does not have all the answers to all the questions we might ask about these issues. I particularly enjoyed his explanation of liberty and responsibility and our freedom as Christians.  This is a well researched and documented book and it's clear the author has spent a lot of time picking these particular issues and deciding what to say about them.
Although you or I may not agree on the same gray areas of life, this is still a book worth considering reading. This book does what a good book should do, gets you to thinking to form your own opinion on the subjects.The author simply states his opinions and lets the reader decide on his own.
I was provided a copy of this book at no charge from Navpress.