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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Gospel of Yes - Mike Glenn

We have missed the most important thing about God.  Finding it changes everything.  God would like a word with you.  The word is Yes.  This opens ours eyes to everything He does.  The author has a blog truthfulconversations.com.   God has said yes to creation and a salvation plan to save us from our sinful nature.  The word is Yes. This opens our eyes to everything He does.
With chapters like The Problem of living with No,  The Yes of forgiving Others,  and God says Yes a Lot,  the author explains that God has said Yes so many times in salvation and continues to.  There are Discussion questions for each chapter that can be used for individual or group study.  Mike Glenn is the senior pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, Tennessee.  Under the chapter titled The Yes of Simplicity,  there is a section titled Finding Margin that explains the church can send a mixed message that there is away to earn eternal life, and there isn't.  It also mentions a book by Richard Swenson titled Margin that defines the term.  Through personal stories,  the author helps us all to understand that "When you live in God's Yes you find your identity,  your true value,  and your unique purpose on earth.."
I would recommend this book to anyone who thinks the Christian life is full of "No's" and things you can't do, when in reality it is full of Yes's.