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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Embrace The Struggle - Zig Ziglar

Embrace The Struggle - Zig Ziglar Anyone who has read any recent business or self help books in the past know that Zig Ziglar needs no introduction. He is a dynamic speaker and author who has influenced millions with his books and presentations. This book is about his recent struggle with. . .
his fall down a fight of stairs in March of 2007, and his memory loss and brain damage as a result. This book tells of his attitude towards his limitations and adaptations to his injury from his perspective and also the effect on his family. He has had to adjust his presentations to an interview format because of his memory loss, but that has not stopped him from being positive and influencing others. as he says, "Complaining about my situation won't change a thing. But, embracing the struggle has the potential to change everything about the situation."
The amazing thing about this story is how he has been able to maintain a speaking schedule and a positive attitude through all this. Many others who have gone through similar or even less debilitating injuries have either given up or wallowed in self-pity.
Mr. Ziglar credits his attitude mostly on relying on his Christian faith and relying on God to meet his needs. He did not become a Christian until in his forties, and some will be suprised to learn of his family struggles. He had experienced the death of a daughter, and other family members struggle with achoholism and other issues. He feels it is important to be transparent to yourself first, and then to others. The subtitle is Living Life on Life's Terms.
This book is divided into chapters about physical struggles, financial struggles, marriage struggles, and addiction. He has included stories of that others have shared with him about their struggles, and how they have made it through. I would recommend this book to anyone who is familiar with the author's other books, and anyone who wants to maintain a positive attitude through anything by embracing the struggle,  and relying on God to get them through.

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