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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stay Tuned - Philip Patterson

Stay Tuned Philip Patterson 

The subtitle of this book is" What every parent should know about media." It should be" What every parent who cares about their children, wants to raise them in a Godly way, and cares how the media is influencing them in many ways."
Philip Patterson is Chairman of the Department of Communication at Oklahoma Christian University and co-author of a textbook on media ethics. He uses the term "media" in a plural sense to include tv, movies, music, billboards, the internet, magazines and newspapers. He states that media is something we all must deal with and decide what we will do with it.
He has written this book "for those of us who haven't noticed the dinginess of the darkness because it's been around us for so long."
We live in a fallen world, and this obviously influences our entertainment. Rarely are Christian values or even responsible living seen in a positive light or encouraged in any media, outside of "Christian" sources.
Mr. Patterson encourages all of us to be aware of the influence any media has on us or our children.
This book is written specifically for Christian parents who want "practical and Biblical suggestions on how to make peace with the media in their homes" as the author says.
This book is also a wake up call for Christian parents to be involved in the media that is influencing our children, and those that are already involved to be more so.
"Doing something about (the media) is so much harder as is requires us to take a stand, provide ample alternatives, and take a more active role in our children's lives. That is a sacrifice some parents are not willing to take."
Sadly that is true.
Published in 2002 by Covenant Publishing

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