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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Treasure of God's Word Celebrating 400 Years of the King James Bible

This book is a celebration of the most popular translation of the Bible for the last 400 years, complied by Jack Countryman.  It is in a leather-like cover with gold edges, and could be presented as a gift book with a presentation page in the front. There are articles on origins, apocrypha, the translation process, revisions and influence of the KJV. Most of the book is made up of verses from the version broken down into catagories. I was a little concerned that two of the articles had been adapted from wikipedia. Although the facts seem to be correct, I would have like to have seen a more reliable source for research.

I can remember the King James Version being the one that I grew up with in church, hearing it read and memorizing verses. It was the most popular version, and still is in many circles. I realize now that many people did not have that kind of exposure to it, having so many other versions to choose from now. This book could be a nice gift to many of them. Many others who are familiar with the version, but not familiar with the history behind it would also enjoy it.

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