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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Live Like You Mean It - T.J. Addington

Subtitle - The 10 crucial questions that will help you clarify your purpose, live intentionally, and make the most of the rest of  your life. Discover your "sweet spot" in God's kingdom. Foreword by John Ortberg. This book contains 10 chapters that tackle 10 important questions that we should all be asking ourselves such as, Why am I here? What really matters? and Will I say yes to God?  Each chapter concludes with a prayer, and group discussion questions. The author is the international ministry leader of the Evangelical Free Church of America.
He mentions a life-threatening illness as one of the things that made him reflect on the influence he was having on others and his life in general.
I enjoy any book that asks good questions, and this one was no exception. It is filled with scripture references and explanations, and will help you to clarify your role in God's kingdom. The author uses personal illustrations from his own life, including a near death experience and people that have influenced his thinking, to help him think more clearly about the purpose of his life. Some may see this book as  "Purpose Driven Life" part two, but this author takes a different approach and is well worth the time to read. 

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