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Friday, April 29, 2011

Knock 'Em Dead 2011 - Martin Yate

This is the 25th anniversary and latest edition of this popular job search book.  The subtitle is The Ultimate Job Search Guide and it would be tough to find a subject concerning job searching that is not covered in these over 300 pages. There are chapters on resumes, interviews, follow up and negotiating the job offer. I found the chapters on the tough interview questions and how to handle them  particularly useful.
The author has been a National Director of Training and Personal Director and has years of experience in hiring and interviewing. He uses humor and real life examples to make it interesting, making it not just another "how to get a job" book. It is up to date on websites and social networking resources and how they relate to the job search. He introduces the idea of Me,Inc. and treating yourself as a company would to solve a problem and be productive. There are knock em dead tips throughout in shaded areas, and also a website that has many more resources, www.knockemdead.com.
I would recommend this book to anyone on a job search in this economy.  With this book the author will help you find a job now.

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