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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jolt - Phil Cooke

Get the jump on a world that's constantly changing. Sometimes all we need is a jolt or a wake up call. This book is divided into 25 jolts and quotes from famous and not so famous people on each subject. The author includes scripture to support his ideas, but is not "preachy" in his approach. One of the chapters is titled Discover the Power of Faith. I would consider it a Biblical approach to getting off your duff and making the changes necessary for success. Some of the 25 jolts included are chapters titled a Change of Habit, Personal Growth is not an Option, and Eliminate Destructive Distractions. Some of the ideas presented can be found in other sources, but it is helpful to have a book inspire someone to change their life for the better.
The author describes a jolt is this manner "to disturb, to shock, to interfere with abruptly, to shake things up."
And that is exactly what we need sometimes. The author is a rarity, a working producer in Hollywood with a PhD. His company produces media programming all over the world, and has many interesting and dangerous stories to tell. He's the kind of guy that you may want to have lunch with just to hear what he has to say. Find out more at PhilCooke.com.

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