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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why God Won't Go Away - Allister McGrath

Is the new atheism running on empty? Allister McGrath thinks so, and gives compelling reasons why. This book is somewhat of a follow up to his previous book The Dawkins Delusion, in that he has refuted the claims of Dawkins, being an atheist and famous anti-God author. McGrath himself used to be an atheist, and writes from a unique perspective on the issue. Christopher Hitchens is also mentioned as a leader in the new atheist movement.
 I enjoyed this book for many reasons. It is enjoyable to read an intelligent, well written book that debunks the myth of atheism in a systematic way, using their own arguments against them. The author has a unique way of explaining why this movement is false and how dangerous it really is. This book should be read by every Christian who wants to know more about how the enemy is working in our culture today to spread the lies of atheism.
The author is a professor at the King's College, London, formerly from Oxford, and has publicly debated some of the leaders in the new atheist movement. I also recommend his previous book, The Dawkins Delusion for more. Also Ben Stein's movie Expelled has an interview with Richard Dawkins face to face.

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