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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Lost Than Found - Jared Herd

Finding a Way Back to Faith. The author grew up as a pastor's kid, then after his parent's divorced, he began to question everything about the institution of the church and what he believed as a child. This is an honest search for answers to questions that a lot of people, even Christians, are asking. Jared serves as Creative Director for XP3, a division of the Rethink Group, and a well traveled speaker. There are discussion questions to be used in a group or individual setting.
I enjoy reading an author's honest search for the truth, but was concerned about references to Rob Bell books.
Jared makes a point that secular entertainment and ideas sometimes contain kernels of truth that can be helpful to  even Christians. Too many Christians are too isolated in the fishbowl for fear to be contaminated by "the world."
I'm reminded of a Steve Taylor lyric that states "I'll bet you only drink milk from a Christian cow."
Some interesting titles to chapters are, Tylenol and Duct Tape, Painting Over the Mona Lisa, and Christian Soup for the Christian Soul, which will bring some readers in just to see what it's all about.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is asking questions about our culture and Christianity, and how it is related.

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