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Monday, January 2, 2012

Nearing Home - Billy Graham

Life, Faith and Finishing Well.
Billy Graham needs no introduction. Even those vaguely familiar with Christianity will recognize the name Billy Graham. He has been an advisor to many presidents and preached to many thousands in his lifetime.
 This book was written for for people at every stage of life, not just for old people. At just over 93 years of age, Billy Graham has seen and experienced many years of service to God. He admits that there is still a reason why he is here on this earth. We should all realize this, that God has us all here, for as long as He does for a reason.
Chapters deal with issues such as retirement, work, influence on others, and leaving a legacy. This book along with "Just as I am", his previous auto-biography, one gets a complete picture of a man used by God in so many ways to help so many people. He also addresses the grief he felt with the death of his wife, Ruth, and how he has dealt with it at the time, and continues to look forward to the day when he will see her again.
I would recommend this book to anyone, even if they have not read any of Mr. Graham's other books. This one is worth the time, and will influence many for many years to come.

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