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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bringing Up Girls - James Dobson

Shaping the next generation of women.  If you are anyway involved in influencing girls of any age, as a parent, grandparent, in-law, or other family member, this book is a must read.  Females today are growing up with a false sense of what is important and who they are.  It's not what the media or her friends think that is important, as society would want her to believe.  With chapters such as Girls in peril, Teaching girls to be ladies, and the Obsession with beauty, Dr. Dobson reviews a Biblical process for raising Godly women in this fallen world. There are sections on questions and answers, and interesting transcripts of actual conversations and interviews with real people and how they have been impacted by their parents in good and bad ways. 
This book is a real wake up call for parents of daughters of any age.  There are discussion guides available, and an extensive notes section that refers to the research from the internet and other books on the subject.
Dr. Dobson continues to be a voice that is speaking out and standing up for Biblical principles in a world where these ideas are sorely needed.

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