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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Man Alive - Patrick Morley

Transforming Your 7 Primal Needs into a powerful Spiritual Life. From the best selling author of The Man in the Mirror comes an honest and much needed book for men in our culture today. Endorsements are from authors Dave Ramsey, Gary Chapman, and Bob Buford among others.  Each need is given chapter and the author explains how each one of them is related to being a Godly man and a leader in both his home, work, and society.  Patrick also leads a weekly Bible study to over 150 men locally in Orlando, Fl and over 5.000 over the website, www.maninthemirror.org.
A majority of men lead lives that are half alive.  This author challenges men to be fully alive in their relationships with God and his family. If more men would take their God-given role in this world, what a difference it would make. The author states "You can become the man God created you to be. I'll show you how."
Of special interest to many will be Chapter 5 in which Breaking The Cycle is explained.  In this chapter, you will learn how to break free of destructive behaviors that may have gone on for generations in the past and break the cycle.  The author brings up his personal experiences in breaking free.
I would recommend this book for any man who wants to be a better husband, father, leader, and an overall better person.  There are reflection and discussion questions at the end of each chapter, and also an 8 week DVD study available.  Readers are encouraged to start a men's group to discuss the subjects brought up in this book.

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