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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Relentless Pursuit - Ken Gire

God's Love of outsiders.  Author Ken Gire was educated at Dallas Theological Seminary,  and in this book presents a Biblical based case for the perseverance of God in leaving the 99 to rescue the one. The idea was expanded in a poem titled "The Hound of Heaven" which is reproduced in the Appendix. I first heard this term from a song from the Christian Rock group Daniel Amos who had a song called Hound of Heaven. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHzP20QJhCs
The author reviews his experiences with Young Life, ADD, and being an outsider himself.  Perhaps the book can be summed up in the question he asks "What about the stranger who resides in us?"
This is the concept of how God pursues us, even when we go astray, desires to have us back in the fold, and rejoices when we return.  Using dialog from movies such as The Soloist and The Guardian, he shows how even in secular entertainment, the feeling of being an outsider can creep in.  The discussion and study questions are at the end of each chapter.  Author can be found on www.kengre.com, www.bethanyhouse.com, and on facebook.
Summing up the Gospel message in two sentences he writes - "Do you know what He did for you?  He searched for you, He found you, and He brought you home."
That pretty much says it all.

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