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Friday, March 29, 2013

Who Do You Think You Are?- Mark Driscoll

Finding Your True Identity In Christ 

"We don't understand who we truly are children of God made in His image." and that is very true. Many times we forget who we really are in Christ and our true identity. the author is
founding pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle Washington and Creator of Resurgence the largest Christian Leadership website. I always am glad to see an extensive notes section and an index to quickly find something I had read. Big name endorsements such as Rick Warren and Sheila Walsh help to round out the endorsements. The titles of the chapters hint at the content such as I am a saint, I am appreciated, I am Reconciled, I am Forgiven, and I am Victorious. The author dedicates this book to his teenage daughter and this book should be given to all of our children. 
So many people seek to get their identity through this world, but only when we realize who we are in Christ will we realize our true identity. Questions everyone must ask themselves are Who are you? What defines you? What is your identity? and What does it mean to be "in Christ?" Other books by the author include Real Marriage, also on his website are several sermons and guest blogs from the Washington Post.
In the chapter I am Blessed, the author briefly touches on predestination.  He says
"For the Christian, the doctrine of predestination is something to be considered and rejoiced in.  The Christian is supposed to lovingly, truthfully, and humbly present the gospel of Jesus Christ to non-Christians and see what God does as a result."
Quotes from R.C. Sproul, John Piper, and Jonathan Edwards help to ground the theology in Biblical principles. The chapters begin with a passage from Ephesians and contain stories from members of Mars church. 
Website of Mark Driiscoll can be found at pastormark.tv/book
I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling in their identity, which is everyone at one time or another.

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