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Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Still Believe - Jeremy Camp

A memoir. This is the story of  Christian musician Jeremy Camp growing up, getting married at an early age, his wife dying after only 3 months together, and how he found love again. He was a "twenty-three year old widower."   It is a very personal book, with many family details.  He documents his down times of doubt, as well as times of joy. One of the main themes throughout his life has been relationships, with God and with other people.
The last words of the book really sum it up he says:
 " This life is full of disappointments and pain, but God is faithful.  That is why even when I cannot see, I can stand and sing "I Still Believe."  And because of what God has brought me through, I will believe."
The author has a way of bringing the reader into the story to experience his life first hand.  From growing up and first getting into Christian music, through the recent past.  Intertwined throughout are lyrics to songs he has written, and the story behind the songs.
I would recommend this book to anyone who needs encouragement though the dark times or anytime to Still Believe, and God will work it out for good.
Visit jeremycamp.com for more.

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