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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Clean - A Proven Plan For Men - Douglas Weiss

This is a frank and highly personal book that is needed today for the men in today's church.   We are all in a war, and the enemy wants everything.  This book is a battle plan for men to rally together and be aware of pitfalls along the way.  There are danger signs and warning barriers that a lot of men ignore to their peril.  There are several stories of men who have destroyed their marriages, careers, families, and lives because of the choices they made
But, there is another way.  You can experience freedom from these choices.  This book will show you how..
The author is a counselor and a former victim himself, who has been clean for more than twenty years.  The author states."This book contains tested and tried weapons for ou to get clean and stay clean, not for a week, not for a month, or year, but the rest of your life."
This book goes beyond saying "Don't sin. God don't like it."  It has a practical and understanding tone and is very readable.  Through forming Freedom Groups, confession, and forgiveness, every man can live a clean life.  Even  if you don't struggle in this particular area, you can help your brothers in the church, by recommending this book, and using the tools presented.

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  1. Hi Tom,

    Just read your review of the book Clean by Doug Weiss.

    I appreciate Doug's perspective as a solid presentation of the traditional Christian views on this subject but ultimately I found this kind of advice ineffective and misguided.

    I'd welcome you to review my book 5 Keys To Successfully Beat Porn Addiction For Christians found on Amazon.com.

    I would be happy to interact with you or appear on any Christian podcasts you might be able to refer me to as well to open a discussion on what the Bible says on all this.

    Thanks for your work! :-)

    Kel Good