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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Prodigal Comes Home - Michael English

My story of failure and God's story of redemption.  This is not a pleasant story to read, but then again a man destroying himself is never pleasant.  After being on top of the CCM world, the author admitted to an affair with a fellow Christian singer, and a pregnancy.  After that began an addiction to pain pills and alcohol that lasted even after rehab.  Michael had gone just about as low as one could, before discovering God's grace and forgiveness in a new and fresh way.  This is his story with all the dirty and gritty details and how he found God to be loving and forgiving.  His description of withdrawl from drugs should convince anyone who reads it to never get addicted in the first place.  At several points you will say, "Why couldn't he just walk away from temptation?"  Or, "there is the point he should have just said no." It's easy to say that in hindsight, and not being emotionally involved.
I have heard it said that stories are written either as an inspiration - Do what these people did, or a warning- Don't do what these people did.  I believe this was written as a warning to others what may happen if temptation is allowed in our lives.
Before you say this could never happen to you, keep in mind that we are still fallen human beings, capable of sin in it's many forms. And we are all capable of falling this far from God, and being forgiven and accepting of God's grace.
This story should be an inspiration to someone who is addicted or who feels God can not accept them because of what they have done.  Some will look at Michael's story and see a hypocrite, but others will see someone who has been forgiven and has come back to the Father.

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