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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The NIV Ragamuffin Bible - Brennan Manning

Meditations for the bedraggled, beat-up, and brokenhearted. Do you believe that God not only loves you, but that He likes you?  This is labeled as a lifetime work from author Brennan Manning 1934- 2013.  This Bible contains the entire text of the NIV translation along with portions of the author's books including the Ragamuffin Gospel. Included are 104 devotions, 250 reflections, and 150 quotes all to help understand the corresponding Bible reference. The author says "They serve only to highlight God's extravagant love."
   In other reviews, I have mentioned that I am not a big fan of Bibles with additional material included, but I enjoyed these, and in the back in a reference to each and which book it is from.  It seems they enhance the text of the NIV.
If you enjoyed Brennan Manning's books, especially The Ragamuffin Gospel, you will enjoy this collection.
You have probably read these passages before, but  having them next to a scripture reference in context is a bonus.  This Bible can be used as a separate devotional on it's own, as it contains the whole NIV text.
I look forward to continue using this reference for many years to come.  It is a fitting tribute to a man who loved God, and wanted to share his thoughts with the world.

Published by Zondervan, see www.zondervan.com, www.brennanmanning.com.

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