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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No Small Change - Charles E. Johns

Glimpses of Grace in the Ordinary. On the cover of this book is pictured a small plant held gently in cupped hands, an analogy for the Christian faith, starting with a seed and growing into a mature plant.  Sometimes God uses ordinary people, the author describes it as "tales of people, places and things that can either pass unappreciated or can become elemental moments of definition."
This book contains short chapters, 2 or 3 pages each, many of which were published previously in a column titled Faith Matters in The Voice, the newspaper of the United Methodist Wyoming Annual Conference.  Divided into sections titled Advent, Epiphany, Lent, and Ordinary time- All in the family and Ordinary Time  - On the road. .  Author is a United Methodist minister, and uses personal observations and thoughts to express God's grace to himself and others.  In Flying Lesson, he talks about the time when he was 9 years old and "believed the wrong people, a small step on the road to maturity, with no harm done."
I enjoyed reading the author's personal insights and stories.  His writing style is similar to Henri Nouwen,who he cites as an influence.
Published by Crosslink Publishing, www.crosslink.org

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