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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Conditioned Mind - Michael J. Mannia

Overcoming the crippling effects of sin and guilt.  Why do you do what you do? This is the kind of book that I enjoy, psychology written by a Christian, from a Christian perspective.  God made the human mind very complex, and trying to understand it is very compelling.  At 300 pages, this book may be too much for some casual readers, but psychology buffs will enjoy it.
The author knows the trials of life first hand, growing up without a father and his mother was an alcoholic.  Today, serves as co-founder and president of Kingdom Community Ministries, on the internet at www.kcmcounseling.com, and helps others through the trials of life.
The Introduction is his personal story and describes how his father died, and his personal reflections on his mom's dysfunction.  Through 10 Chapters the author starts literally at the beginning with God's intent for humanity, and the complexity of sin.  Then, he reviews Breakng Through Denial and Matters of Repression.  Then finally Resisting the Devil, Ministry of the Holy Spirit, and Repentance.  He describes the psychological ideas in layman's terms that anyone can understand.  There are a few self-assessments to help understand and deal with repression and denial.  At several points he encourages someone who needs to, to find a Christian Counselor through the Association of Christian Counselors at www.aacc.net.
Bible passages throughout that begin the chapter and the subject matter are included and referenced.  He explains how all this can relate to sin and guilt, and the only way to deal with this is trust in God and help from others.
The author stresses the effects of sin in our lives and how it is "always polluting and corrosive." It effects every action and thought and is pervasive. Thus he describes accurately the total depravity of man.  He likens the system of self-deception to a three legged table of denial, repression, and rationalization.  The author has a sincere desire to help others find the freedom in Christ that he has found.  Through case studies and stories of real people, the author makes the case of those that have worked through the pain and found freedom in Christ.
There is an extensive notes a reference section that is 20 pages long.  Main focus of this book is repentance, forgiveness, and freedom that only trusting in God can give.  He can give you hope and heal you of your past.
Published by Crosslink Publishing.  I have received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review.

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