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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Knowing Yourself Knowing God - Dr. John F. Shackelford

From an ego-run life to a God lead life. In the introduction the author states, " I have packed 30 years of experience into this book. And by all the ground that it covers, I believe he did. This is a book about psychology and knowing yourself, and learning about the way God made you. With personal stories about the author and others, this is a book just about anyone can relate to.
There are 3 parts. Knowing Yourself - Personality type, and Personal stories. This book combines theology and psychology in a practical way. Freud and Jung are quoted which may suprise some evangelicals that read this book.
On page 20. the author states "Hence, even our Christian growth is God's work, not our own self efforts." which will help to appease the Reformed readers.
There is a chapter on transactional analysis, which is a theory of personality that identifies 5 ego states within every person, and the roles they play. It is not really what it sounds like at first, and it does makes some sense when you stop to think about it. The chapters on the Myers-Briggs personality tests will be interesting to those that want to learn more about themselves, and how they are made.
There are also quotes from Malcolm Gladwell. George Macdonald. Brennan Manning, Chuck Swindoll, and John Ortberg.
The author states"I believe that the Christian who knows themselves better are in a good position to know God better." The personal stories "Flesh out this book's truths in a very personal and tangible way." These are real people with real stories. The author pulls together many different outlooks, and any author that can include Malcolm Gladwell and RC Sproul in the same book is ok with me.

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