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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Honestly - Daniel Fusco

Find Jesus in the midst of your mess. Getting real about Jesus and our messy lives. The author is lead pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, Washington and a church planter, evangelist, and musician.
This book begins with the author's personal story of his mom's diagnosis and eventual death from cancer. The author states "Life's really messy for all of us."
This book is loosely based on the book of Ephesians, with a quote from Ephesians at the beginning of every chapter. The quotes are from the Message paraphrase of the Bible, a fact that isn't made real clear unless you look at the fine print on the title page. There area also other quotes through out the book from the ESV translation. The author has structured the book into 4 parts, based on A Love Supreme. Acknowledgement, Resolution, Persuance, and Psalm.
In explaining some of the messiness of life, the author states, "God loves to bring blessings out of perceived curses." The things that seen to be cursing us, sometimes turn out to be blessings.
 Carries the jazz analogy on to by the questions at the end of each section called Riffing on. A lot of the musicians that read this book will be able to relate to all of the musical references, but even those unfamiliar with musical terms can relate to messiness in their lives. Like this jazz analogy on page 79, "As we walk the bass line of our lives, we either create a context in which others around us can flourish, or we can detract from their opportunity to do that."
And another one from page 25, "See, the saving is all in God's court. All of it." And that is true.
Quotes from CS Lewis and STeve Taylor round out the author's thoughts, and there is a Coda section at the end of each section to continue to carry on the musical theme.
He mentions John Coltrane a lot, and especially The Love Supreme album.
I would recommend this book to those who think everyone else has it together, and that they are the only one with a messy life. And in Honestly, the author makes it clear that is why Jesus came to save us.
Published by Navpress in alliance with Tyndale House publishers. I have been provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review.

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