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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Can I Really Know Jesus? - Carolyn Larson

101 questions and answers about Jesus, salvation, and prayer. Illustrated by Angelee Weeks. This book consists of 101 questions and answers, each one limited to one page each, in which the question is presented, and a answer offered. I found it to be a rather limiting format. Foe example. on question #72 we read, What is the Prayer of Salvation? part of the answer is "you may often hear ministers suggest that people repeat a prayer after them tin order to accept Jesus. That is fine. They are just trying to make things easier. But there is nothing special about the specific words they suggest."
While it is true ther is nothing special about the exact words, You don't find this instruction to pray this prayer anywhere in the Bible.
Also, on question#46, What Does it mean to accept Jesus? Part of the answer they offer is "You cannot really enjoy a gift or benefit that is offered to you until you choose to receive it." and But we cannot benefit from Jesus' sacrifice unless we accept it." I really don't believe this to be the case.
It is not relying on our response when Jesus said it is finished. It was completed, and did not make salvation just possible, but actually completed it for those that He has chosen.
Illustrations of butterflies and flowers throughout will probably appeal more to the feminine audience. I found the book to be a bit shallow on the  theology side, to answer some of these questions with a one page general answer is doing a dis-service. The illustrator is said to have a "whimsical and refreshing art style." I was kind of disappointed, and I really cannot recommend this book.
Published by Tyndale Momentum, a division of Tyndale publishing.
I was provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review.

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