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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Befriend - Scott Sauls

Create belonging in an age of judgement, isolation, and fear. This book comes with the endorsement of Matt Chandler, who says, "I couldn't be more grateful for Scott's voice on this topic." and since Scott served along side Timothy Keller also, these are glowing recommendations. The author asks the question, Is real friendship too risky? In an age of facebook and digital social media "friends" are we becoming too isolated and "self made digital worlds?" I enjoy a book with a challenge, and this one certainly will challenge you. Within the 21 chapters there are challenges to befriend the one in the mirror, the wretched and restless, the one's you can't control, the poor and empty handed, and strangers and refugees. Also included is a chapter on Befriending the rich and powerful, which is a group that needs genuine friends sometimes more than any other group. Each chapter ends with a summary sentence, scripture, and questions to consider.
One of the most honest personal stories comes in the chapter Befriend the ones you can't control, in which the author talks about his fighting with his wife and children about the Bible. He admits his own pride and wanting to be right and controlling all the time, and states, "That's what happens when we become right in our own eyes and then try to impose our rightness on others." There are many stories such as this throughout the book, from the author and others.
I found it to be a challenging book, and I am sure you will too. There is a free online discussion guide at www.bookclubhub.net. that can be used for individual or group study. As a bonus, Chapter one of another book by the author, Jesus Outside the Lines is included in the back.
The author currently serves as senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN.
He blogs at www.scottsauls.com and twitter @scottsauls.
I have been provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review.

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