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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Impact for Living Men's Devotional - Scott Whitaker

Daily coaching for a life of significance. This book is part of the One Year series, There are several other books in this series, One year Bibles and other devotionals. Each one is Do-able, start at any day, Daily, and create a habit for each day's devotions. Each one is long enough to be substantial, yet short enough to be read on a busy schedule. There is a verse at the beginning of each day, and an impact application at the end. The author is cofounder and preseident of Impact for Living, and has been a teacher, basketball coach, attorney, and pastor. The book states- "All of us have been created to impact-a unique impact in this world."
Some devotions have a call to action involved. such as February 28 - "So what is it that God has laid on your heart and is calling you to do? Sing? Write? Start a ministry? Mentor a child? Be a better husband?"
I liked the physical size of this book, a factor I am sure that draws some people to pick up a book in the first place. A lot of devotional books are full of fluff and non-inspiring stories, but this is not one of them. Each day there is something to learn from the time spent.
I would recommend this book to any man who wants to draw closer to God every day.
Published by Tyndale publishing.
I have received a complimentary book in exchange for this review.

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