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Friday, June 9, 2017

Make Yourself at Home - Kay Swatkowski

Discovering the heart of the church. This book is about the church. Actually, about what the church should be. The author. along with her husband, Raymond have more than 50 years of ministry experience, and this book is full of stories of churches they have encountered all over the world.
A book like this could only be written by people with this much ministry experience with people in different cultures.I enjoyed this book in may ways, and was glad to hear of so many Christians that take the scripture seriously to bear each other's burdens and care for each other. There is also a lot of scripture references, which is also a good thing. It is a very readable book and also has a bringing it home section at the end of every chapter, questions that can be used in individual or group study.
With quotes by C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer and Henri Nouwen to round out the narrative, all in all a very enjoyable book, If you want to know what the church could be and should be doing, then read this book.
Published by Discovery House from Our daily bread ministries.

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