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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rules To Live By - Jerry White

Subtitle - 52 Principles for a better life. The forward to this book is by Ken Blanchard who many will know as the author of The One Minute Manager. This book is a collection of 52 very short chapters, some only 2 pages long, on important principles that can be applied by a person of any age. The writing is to the point and brief.
The author is international president emeritus of The Navigators, was a mission controller, and taught at the the US Air Force academy. He brings all of these experiences together to write about what is really important in life. The book is divided into three sections, A Better You, Relationship Rules, and Enchancing Your Work and Effectiveness. These all cover many different aspects of living a better life such as, learn to relax, be real, give yourself, and work hard.
I enjoyed this book, but wanted the chapters to be longer, wishing to dig deeper into some of the subjects. It is already at 170 pages, but it is a quick read. Many good suggestions are given and some down right common sense reminders, which are never bad. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially to give as a gift. This is another great book from Navpress.

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