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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why We Play - David Thomas

This is the story of the Faith Christian Lions and a game that was played against the Gainesville State Tornandos in November of 2008, and the events leading up to it. This game was unique in many ways. It flys in the face of the usual competition of football and winning. The subtitle is Faith, Football and a season to believe.
The main force behind this miraculous game was the coach of the Lions, Kris Hogan. It was at his urging, that a spirit line was formed before the game, and half of the fans moved to the other side of the field to root for the shocked Gainesville team. This event sent the team and it's coach into the national spotlight, and many interviews with the press. They all wanted to know why? Why would a team do this? It's all in Why We Play.

The NFL and ESPN even arranged for a trip to the Super Bowl for the coach, and interviews with the international press. This has gone way beyond anyone could even imagine. It just proves that doing something against the grain can influence many, and who knows how many people heard about this game, and the attitude of the team. This book would appeal to even someone who is not a football fan.

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