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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Am Second - Doug Bender and Dave Sterrett

Real Stories. Changing Lives. This book can be summed up with this quote from the cover - Becoming second means recognizing God is first. This book tells the stories of famous and not so famous people that have been changed by God, and continue to live for Him. People such as Tony Dungy, Brian Welch, Bethany Hamilton and 18 others share their honest and very personal stories. There are also links to videos of each story through smart phone scans in the book, and on the website, iamsecond.com. where you will find information on finding and starting a small group based on I am second.
This is an important book because we all need to know and be reminded of the changing power of God over people's lives.
Sections on the back titled "How do I become second?" and "What Now?" are the shortest, but in my opinion the most important. In it, the authors detail our need for God in our lives, and how to have a personal relationship with His son, Jesus.
The authors are missionaries, church planters, and work with e3 partners, a parent organization.

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