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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There is a time for cutting grass, and a time for not cutting grass. Today was not the day.

My grass needs cutting
Last week the grass in my yard needed cut. I intended to do it in the morning on this day, my day off. But, always open for free entertainment, I took our three kids to the free movie that our local theater offers during the summer. We got home around noontime. I then sat outside with my wife and talked for a while.
Then we all came inside and had a nice lunch, and the grass still needed cut.
After lunch my son wanted to show me a new video game and wanted me to play it with him, which I did. After that, my youngest daughter brought me a book and wanted me to read to her. The afternoon was continuing, and the grass still wasn’t cut.
My son and I then played one of his favorite computer games, after which my oldest wanted me to see her website she had just designed and read her latest blog. Then, we all played a few board games as a family. The afternoon turned into evening and my two youngest picked out books, I read to them and put them to bed.
I went to bed that night and the grass still needed cut.
I got thinking that a lot of people would have said that I didn’t accomplish anything that day. However, I would rather have weeds in my yard, then weeds in my family relationships. I have read that people spend the most time on things that are the most important to them. I have known men who clean and polish their cars, but their family is rusting.
Now, there certainly is a time for cutting grass and yardwork, but today was not the day. The grass can wait.
I didn’t think too much more about it until the day after our “family day”, when the neighbor girl asked to come over and wound up staying for supper and playing with our kids. I always wanted our family to be an example to others, but I was unprepared for what happened next. After a few hours at our house, the neighbor girl said “I wish YOU were my brother and sister!.” She was saying “I wish I could live here.”
I know she sensed something different in our home. I am hoping it was love, commitment, security, and a family that loved God and each other. She saw a mother and father who was first and foremost a husband and wife that were committed to God and to each other.
I learned something through all this. I was reminded to invest time where it really matters.
The little neighbor girl wanted to spend time at our house, even though the grass still needs cut!

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