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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Mentor Leader - Tony Dungy

Secrets to building people and teams that win consistently. Super Bowl winning Tony Dungy is author of two previous books, Uncommon and Quiet Strength along with Nathan Whitaker.  There is a list of action steps, practical ways to put the ideas presented into practice, along with a Q and A on each chapter.  The author states "Relationships are ultimately what matter - our relationship with God and with other people."  and when it comes down to it that is all that really matters.  Tony mentions many who have mentored him through his playing and coaching career, especially Chuck Noll and his father.
This book is a very enjoyable and readable 9 chapters with titles such as The Mind-set, The Methods, The Maturity and The Measure of a Mentor Leader.  These outline what is needed and expected from a mentor leader.
I have a lot of respect for men like Tony Dungy that are in the public spotlight and so outspoken about their faith.  I enjoy his take on involvement. He states, " It's impossible to lead from a distance.  Without engagement, you can not lead effectively."
Whether you lead a family, company, or Super Bowl winning football team, you will find practical ideas on being an effective leader.
I would recommend this book to those unfamiliar with the author's background, and anyone interested in becoming a leader the right way.

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