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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Real Win - Colt McCoy and Matt Carter

Pursuing God's Plan for Authentic Success.  What does it mean to have success, to be a winner? This book will help reveal God's plan for a man to be a winner.  This is a unique book with two authors with different perspectives, different walk of life, but very similar in that they are both pursuing God's plan for their lives.
They also had a mentor relationship that is mentioned and personal examples throughout the book of conversations they have had.
 Colt McCoy is an NFL quarterback that has experienced his own ups and downs, wins and loses on and off the field.  Matt Carter is founding pastor of Austin Stone Community Church, and shares his ups and downs that just bout any man can relate to.  I found this to be a very readable book, even if you are not a football fan.  They talk a lot about who who trust, who you serve, and how to be  leader in your family, church and community. These are all things men can relate to, being a sports fan or not.
At one point there is a transcript of a championship game that his team had lost and still Colt gave God the glory. Reading the transcript is good, but seeing the clip is even better.. See it here -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpcxY3clriE                  
A subject I found interesting was the idea that every husband and father is really the pastor of his family. I have always heard the man is the spiritual leader, but I never really heard it called that before.  It really makes sense if you are going to be a spiritual leader to be called a pastor.
I enjoyed the different perspectives of the tow authors, back and forth, but it still had a good flow. Probably because of the collaborative writer, Marcus Brotherton, who tied both author's thoughts together.
The book also includes a bonus section on mentoring, and a small-group study guide.
I would recommend this book to any man who wants to experience the Real Win.

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