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Monday, July 7, 2014

NIV Integrated Study Bible -

A New Chronological approach for exploring scripture.  Many of us have read the NIV version of the Bible for a while now, but have not seen it in this format.  You will realize for example that I Chronicles 16:7-22 is very similar to Psalm 105:1-22.  This puts it all in a historical perspective.  You may be familiar with a Harmony of the Gospels, in which the Gospels of the New Testament are presented in columns when they are referencing the same event.  But it is quite interesting to see the entire Old Testament in the same format.  Another example is II Kings 20:1-5 and II Chronicles 32:24-26, and Isaiah 38:1-5, all of which describe Hezekiah's illness and repentance from different perspectives.  This Bible is divided into 7 historical sections. It may seem odd not to see the books of the Bible in their "traditional" order, but it does put the events in an historical perspective.
The Editor is John R. Kohlenber III, who has been the author or co-editor of more than four dozen Biblical reference books, and the author is obviously God.  An index is included with page numbers to look up specific verses, that may not be where you would typically find them.
I look forward to referencing this Bible and finding parallel passages of scripture that would support one another.  I believe it to be a valuable resource and reference.
This Bible is published by Zondervan.  I have received a complimentary copy in exchange for this review.

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